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Construction workers digging a foundation

How we work

As New Zealand continues to flourish, so is Buildhub’s commitment continually renewed to effectively power B2B labour hire companies, property developers, builders, and manufacturers with flexible, trusted solutions for blue-collar supply needs

Our work model

It starts with finding the right people

Understanding industry demand

Supplying skilled workers

Providing a solutions driven approach to the construction sector in New Zealand

A Better Workforce  - The Buildhub Way

Why do we invest so heavily in our people? Because improving their capabilities and safeguarding their well-being results in a far more productive workforce and minimises the chances of on-site accidents.

Our contract staff is better trained, better managed, and better looked after than any other. This has earned us recognition for standout operational performance with retention and reliability rates over 90% resulting from our welfare and safety prioritisation, and we wear this badge with honour in New Zealand.

looking for workers

Looking for workers?

looking for work as a construction worker

Looking for work?

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