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International Agreements

Chile Valora Exclusive Partners to Oceania 

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ChileValora is the Commission of the National System for the Certification of Labor Competencies, a Chilean public service created under the Chilean Law 20.267 of 2008. 


Their main function is to formally recognize the labour competencies of people through certification, regardless of the way in which people have acquired the knowledge and whether or not they have a degree or academic degree.  

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ChileValora seeks to promote continuous learning opportunities for people, their recognition and valorization, through evaluation and certification processes, based on standards defined and validated by the productive sectors of Chile.


In addition to this, ChileValora contributes to the training and education of people by providing relevant training aligned with the needs of the industry.

We are exclusive partners with licensing rights as preferred partner of Chile Valora.  Chile Valora is the prominent government certifier of all skills levels for the construction industry covering skills and standards for other countries such as Colombia, Peru, and Mexico.  

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